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Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association passenger station branch president office expansion meeting was held in Shenyang



Release time: 2023/9/4


9月1日,Liaoning Provincial Road transport Association passenger station branchExpanded office of presidentThe meeting was held in Shen,Local city chapter members单位Leaders andTotal of representatives20余人Chen Meng, Vice President and Secretary-General of Liaoning Road Transport Association, attended the meeting。Meeting order站场Chapter President Zhao Haiying presided over。


First of all, Zhao Haiying presidentI've been at the yard branch for almost three yearsWork summaryThe first is to draft the request for listing the passenger station as a public transport enterprise;Second, during the epidemic period, the relevant report materials on the operation status of passenger transport enterprises in Liaoning Province and the urgent problems to be solved were reported, reflecting the demands of enterprises and helping enterprises to rescue and solve difficulties.With the active efforts and help of the association,企业Get the government相关Subsidy policy;The third is to collect the operation data of passenger transport enterprises many times, collate and report to the industry management department;The fourth is to carry out research work such as the construction of charging piles in passenger stations;Fifth, communication and coordination Huludao passenger station site access issues。President Zhao said that the work of the branch cannot be separated from the support and trust of the member units, and the next focus of work will also focus on the hot issues of concern to everyone and do a good job in various services.Help enterprises grabOpportunities, give play to their own advantages, adjust the new pattern of passenger station operation and development。

接着,President Zhao led everyone togetherLearned about the Department of TransportationThe relevant policy documents of "Accelerating the transformation and development of automobile passenger station" put forward the direction of work of "clarifying the transformation direction, identifying their own positioning, and seeking common integration and development", and hope that we can combine the company's own situation and deeply study the relevant policy spirit of document No. 2023 [45] with the problems。After that, President Zhao introduced the work direction of the fourth quarter of the station branch in 2023, made a report focusing on the work of going out to learn and exchange, research and other work, and proposed that everyone can improve their learning awareness, learn from the management experience and practices of advanced provinces and enterprises through the way of "going out", and expand their horizons。At the same time, the successful experience and new ideas of their own work should be reported to the branch to lay the foundation for the next step of the branch。

  随后Delegates to the meetingWe aim at...The current development status of the passenger station, the practical experience and new goals and new ideas of the passenger station to maintain survival and development in the past few years were shared and exchanged, and everyone was in the stationPassenger flow decline, staff diversion and other operating conditions,From the change of work thinking,Expand station and yard service functions, expand tourism business services,Independent development of the three industries to commercial support stationStrengthen the comprehensive development of land use, increase reform efforts to comprehensively improve comprehensive service capabilities, reduce costs and increase efficiency, carry out customized passenger transport, and create a good development environmentHold a discussionJointly explore the road to survival and development,We will promote the smooth transformation and healthy development of passenger stations。As an important transportation hub of the city, the passenger stationIn the face of challenges, we actively carry on"Self-rescue" to overcome difficulties, relying on the resource allocation of the station, with the spirit of perseverance, the initiative to change, a number of measures, from the traditional single point of service and continuous extension and integration of different industries, through the creation of passenger stations+ operation mode transformation and efficiency, passenger service supply is more diversified, developing in the direction of "small and fine", while improving the "hematopoietic" function,It has provided safer and better travel services for the public and polished the window of urban civilization。


  Finally, Chen MengSecretary generalMake a speech。首先,Secretary General Chen said that in recent years, the impact of high-speed rail, civil aviation, private cars and online car sharing has continued to be affected by the epidemic,The number of departures from the passenger station and the number of passengers sent continued to drop sharply,The survival of the passenger station is difficult,The structure changes with the way people travel,The dominant position of road passenger transport has been weakened,The high-quality resources of people, vehicles and stations have become a heavy burden;Second, the information technology organization of the passenger station is not high,Weak ability to integrate online and offline resources,The idea of self-transformation is sluggish,The short board of competition is obvious in the market of Internet + transportation development of new business forms;Third, focus on asset management,High rigid cost of plant and personnel and tight general capital chain;Fourth, the passenger station needs to be detailed and practical related policies。In response to the above common problems, we should see clearly that the demand for road passenger transport is shrinking, from large-scale to small echelon, personalized demand, supply abdication, and the status of service subjects is marginalized。However, road passenger transport has high flexibility and strong universality, and still has certain market competitiveness and irreplaceable advantages。从The Department of TransportationThe policy of "accelerating the transformation and development of automobile passenger station"At present, we can optimize the layout, hierarchical structure and function of passenger stations;Expand the service functions of stations and yards, set up tourism distribution centers, and improve the through-train network and other services;The comprehensive development of land should be carried out under the premise of conforming to the national space planning and retaining the basic passenger service function;Actively strive for the financial support of the territorial government for the expenditure generated by the passenger station to undertake public welfare services and other work。After that, Secretary General Chen put forward three suggestions for the station branch,First, we will continue to provide two-way services,Building Bridges between government, industry and members,Communicate frequently and communicate more,Do more practical work and strengthen services;Second, strengthen communication, learning and exchanges,Organize various stations in the province to communicate with each other and learn from each other,Learn from the management experience of advanced enterprises outside the province,At the meeting, Secretary-General Chen shared for everyone the closure of Nanchang City Qingshan passenger station,Tsingshan Bus Station was activated,News of the "lightweight operation" model,And said that Nanchang city has taken a step to explore the transformation of development mode;The third is to do a good job in the construction of the branch,Wide access to information and job advice,Timely analysis, research and deployment of work。I also hope that all the leaders present here will respond positively and work hard to support the work of the Sub-committee. Under the post-epidemic era and new development pattern,Gather industry consensus,Comprehensively enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the branch, and promote togetherRoad passenger transport enterprise transformation and development