Liaoning Provincial road transport Association secretariat management system



In order to improve the working mechanism of the secretariat of Liaoning Road Transport Association, standardize the internal management of the association, and ensure the scientific, standardized and sustainable development of the association, this system is formulated。 


Act 1 Association organizational structure


Article one The secretariat is the daily office of Liaoning Road Transport Association and is responsible for the daily work of the association。

Article 2 The Secretariat shall have a Secretary-General and a Deputy Secretary-General。The Secretary-General shall be elected and removed by the Council, the Deputy Secretary-General shall be nominated by the President, and the appointment shall be decided by the Council。 

Article 3 The Secretary-General shall, within the scope authorized by the Council, direct the work of the Secretariat;The Deputy Secretary-General is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Secretariat。

Article 4 Members of the secretariat should maintain a diligent and efficient work style, fulfill the purpose of "two-way service" of the association, and serve the member units with dedication。

    Article 5 Main functions of the Secretariat

1. Implement the relevant policies and regulations of the national and industry authorities, and formulate and implement them in accordance with the actual situation of the association

The rules and regulations of the association;

2. Undertake matters entrusted by government administrative departments or units, deploy and carry out the assessment and assessment work of related businesses in the industry;

     3. Organize the exchange of industry experience, and carry out exchanges and cooperation in academic research and self-construction in the industry;

4. Provide consulting services on relevant policies and regulations in the industry, collect and sort out industry information and edit the journal;

5. Responsible for the meeting affairs of the member congress, the Council, the Standing Council, the president's office and other meetings, drafting meeting minutes and implementing meeting resolutions;

6. Responsible for the drafting, distribution, supervision and archiving of various documents of the Association;

7. Responsible for preparing the annual work plan of the Association and tracking the implementation;Compile the annual work summary of the association;

8, responsible for the annual review of the association certificate;

9. Responsible for the purchase and management of the Association's fixed assets;

10. Responsible for member development, membership management and dues collection;

11. Responsible for other affairs of the Association。

    Article 6 Responsibilities of each post in the Secretariat

1. Responsibilities of the Secretary General:

Responsible for the overall work of the Secretariat;Implement the working spirit and relevant directives of the Standing Council of the Association。

2. Duties of Deputy Secretary General:

Responsible for the daily work of the secretariat;Organize and hold regular working meetings of the secretariat to supervise and inspect the implementation of resolutions;Straighten out external relations, organize and organize important activities of the association。

3. Secretary duties:

Responsible for sending and receiving documents of the association, drafting, urging and tracking the implementation of various documents and programs;Organizing important activities of the association;Organize and coordinate various activities of the club;Editorial publication of association publications。

4. Responsibilities of financial personnel:

Responsible for reviewing association bills, reconciling accounts, ensuring financial expenditure compliance and legality;Prepare accounting statements to reflect the flow of funds in a timely manner。


Act 2  Document management provisions


Article one The document format generally includes: title, the main sending unit, the body, the annex, the unit seal, the issuing time, the copying unit, the document number, the name of the issuing and issuing organ, and the issuing and issuing date。

Article 2 The Secretariat shall be responsible for drafting the official documents of the Association, which shall be prepared and issued by the secretary of the Secretariat according to the format of official documents after the review of the Secretary-General。

Article 3 When the document involves more than one unit or department, the secretariat shall organize the relevant unit or department to countersign it and send it to the Secretary-General for examination and issuance。

Article 4 Draft documents shall be issued using the "draft paper" printed by the Association, written and signed with a pen or black carbon pen。

Article 5 The Secretary of the Secretariat is responsible for the receipt of external documents, which are registered in the Receiving Register in a timely manner, and a "Document Processing Sheet" attached to the communication for the review of the Secretary-General。

Article 6 When reviewing external documents, the Secretary-General shall put forward the proposed comments on the Document Processing Sheet, which shall be read by the secretariat, and the important documents shall be submitted to the President for approval and then read。In order to avoid a backlog of documents, they should be read and done immediately。

Article 7  The borrower of documents and archives shall register and sign on the "File Borrowing Registration Form" before borrowing, and the user of the license shall register and sign on the "Document Using Registration Form" before borrowing, and the secretary of the Secretariat shall register the return date when returning。

Article VIII  The secretariat is responsible for the filing and archiving of official documents, which should be classified and bound。

The ninth article  The Secretariat shall be responsible for the regular liquidation, destruction and registration of redundant, duplicate, outdated and unpreservable documents。


Act 3  Seal management provisions


Article one The seal of the Association is managed by the Executive deputy secretary General. The use of the official seal and the president's seal shall fill in the "Seal Registration Book", and the seal shall be approved and signed by the Executive Deputy Secretary General。

Article 2 The special Committee special business seal shall fill in the Special Committee Seal Register and pass the seal after approval and signature by the Deputy Secretary-General。

Article 3 It is prohibited to use the special Committee's seal to sign contracts, agreements, guarantees, mortgages, etc。

Article 4 The organizer shall be responsible for the change and cancellation of the seal of the special committee of the Association。


Act Four  Office supplies management regulations


Article one  Association office items include office supplies, office furniture, office equipment, daily necessities, etc。

Article 2  Office items are centrally managed by the Secretariat, and the Executive Secretary is responsible for supervision and approval;The Secretariat has special personnel responsible for the procurement, storage, distribution and disposal of office items。

Article 3  Office supplies, daily necessities should be in line with the principle of cost-saving procurement;The purchase of office furniture and office equipment shall be purchased after approval by the president。

Article 4  Office items should be registered according to the purchase date and quantity, and records of office items in the library and in use should be established。

Article 5  Members of the secretariat need to fill in the "Office supplies requisition Registration", in line with the principle of saving, cherish the use of office supplies, prohibited embezzlement, private use, if there is loss, damage, the responsible person should be compensated according to the price。


Chapter Five  Housekeeping regulations


Article one The health in the office building of the association shall be maintained and managed by the secretariat;Members of the secretariat shall be on duty on a rotating basis to clean the office area, conference room and toilet, and carry out a thorough cleaning of the office area once a week。

Article 2 The hygiene in the individual office area shall be cleaned by the individual himself;Members of the Secretariat shall clean up their personal office areas in a timely manner to create a healthy and clean office environment。

Article 3 In order to ensure safety and save electricity, all personnel must turn off the power supply of indoor electrical equipment, check indoor safety, and close doors and Windows。

Article 4 If the equipment is found to be faulty or damaged, it should be the first time to contact the engineering personnel for maintenance, and it is not allowed to dismantle and repair the equipment without authorization。