Liaoning Province road transport association member management provisions



Act 1   


Article one Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as"Association") is an industry-oriented, non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises, institutions and organizations of road transportation industry and related industries in Liaoning Province。

Article 2 Membership is the foundation and core of association construction。In order to strengthen the construction of the association, give full play to the organization, coordination, service and self-discipline functions of the industry association, and do a good job"Two-way service";Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the road transport industry and its members, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the road transport industry;These provisions are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Liaoning Provincial Civil Affairs Department and the Articles of Association of Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as the Articles)。

Article 3 These provisions apply to members of Liaoning Provincial Road Transport Association。


Act 2 Membership scope


Article 4 According to the nature of the Association and the relevant provisions of the Articles of Association, the type of members of the Association is unit members。

Article 5 Scope of Membership:

(1) Municipal and district road transport (passenger transport, rental, driving training, maintenance, public transport, etc.) association;

(2) Large and medium-sized enterprises in the municipal and district road transport industry;

(3) Scientific research, education, publishing and other institutions in the road transport industry;

(4) Key enterprises and institutions that provide products or services for the road transport industry and other related industries;


        Act 3 Membership requirements


Article 6 Units applying for membership in the association must meet the following conditions: 

(1) To uphold and abide by the articles of Association;

(2) Voluntarily join the association and be willing to actively participate in the work and activities of the industry;

(3) Having the status of an independent legal person;

(4) It has greater influence and representation in the road transportation industry and related industries of Liaoning Province served by the Association。


Act Four Membership procedure


Article 7 Membership process:

(1) Submit the Application for Membership to the Secretariat of the Association;

(2) After qualification examination by the secretariat of the Association, approved by the Standing Council or the president's office;

(3) The association shall publish and issue the membership certificate。


Chapter Five Rights and obligations


Article VIII Members enjoy the following rights:

(1) The right to vote, to stand for election and to vote;

(b) free access to publications or information materials provided by the Association;

(3) Hang the association member logo and obtain the publicity of the member image on the Association website;

(4) Give priority to participating in various activities organized by the Association, and obtain priority and preferential treatment of various services provided by the Association;

(5) Have the right to criticize, make suggestions and supervise the work of the association;

(6) require the Association to report the situation to relevant departments, help safeguard legitimate rights and interests and study and solve relevant problems;

(7) Membership is voluntary and withdrawal is free。

The ninth article Members perform the following obligations:

(1) Implement the resolutions of the Association;

(2) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Association, and consciously abide by the rules and conventions issued by the Association;

(3) Actively participate in the activities organized by the association and complete the work assigned by the association;

(4) Timely report the situation to the association and provide relevant information and materials;

(5) Pay dues according to regulations。Membership should be in each yearPay your dues by March 30。The new member shall pay the membership fee within 15 working days after receiving the notice of approval。


Act 6 Membership management


Article ten The association issues membership certificates to its members。

Article 11 A member unit shall have a member representative to perform duties on behalf of the member unit。The member representative shall be the legal representative or the principal person in charge of the member unit。

Article 12 When the member unit changes the member representative, it shall report the relevant information of the new member representative to the association。

The replacement of member representatives of member units serving as executive director or director of the association shall be confirmed by the Executive Board of the Association or the president's office meeting。

Article 13 Member units due to reorganization, joint venture, merger and other reasons to change the scale and name of the enterprise, must report to the association, renewal of membership certificate;Where an enterprise group is formed, it may serve as a member of the association unit in the name of the group。

Article 14 Members must submit a written application for withdrawal, complete the relevant procedures, and return the membership certificate。

Article 15 If a member does not fulfill his obligations, does not pay membership dues for one year or does not participate in the activities of the association, the Association will give a written reminder and retain his membership for one year, during which he does not enjoy the rights of membership;Those who do not pay membership dues or do not participate in the activities of the association for two consecutive years shall be regarded as automatically withdrawing from the association, canceling the membership and recovering the membership certificate。

Article 16 If a member violates the association's articles of Association, damages the interests and reputation of the association, seriously violates the Rules and regulations of the Association, and is invalid after criticism and education, the board of Directors or the Standing Board of Directors shall vote to remove the name and withdraw the membership certificate。

Article 17 Membership, withdrawal, cancellation of membership or removal of the association will be publicized and announced in a certain way。


Act 7 Daily management


Article 18 In order to strengthen the contact and communication with members, better and faster reflect the needs and demands of members, give full play to the role of the association as a bridge and link, and do a good job in two-way services, the association has established a member liaison system。

Article 19 The member unit shall have a liaison officer who is responsible for daily contact and information exchange with the secretariat of the Association。

Article 20 Member units shall notify the Association by letter within 30 days of any of the following situations:

(1) Change of place of registration, main business premises and contact information;

(2) Change the legal representative, the main person in charge and the liaison officer;

(3) Changes in business scope, registered capital and organizational form of the company;

(4) Merger, division, bankruptcy, dissolution, cancellation, etc.;

(5) Other matters。


Act 8 Selection and commendation


Article 21 To promote and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the province's road transport industry,To implement national and provincial guidelines, policies, regulations and standards related to the road transport industry,Focus on the central tasks of the development of the transportation industry and the needs of members to carry out various work,The association shall implement the selection and commendation system for outstanding members in its member enterprises。In principle, the selection and commendation will be carried out every two years。

Article 22 Selection and recognition conditions:

(A) member units model performance of member obligations;

(2) Participate in the special activities carried out by the association around the central task of the development of the road transport industry;

(3) Participating in other selection and commendation activities。

Article 23 Selection and recognition form: 

(1) To issue corresponding MEDALS or certificates;

(b) in the "Liaoning Road Transportation" magazine and the association's website, newsletter public commendation;

(3) preferentially recommend to the competent department of the industry for commendation;

(4) Other forms of commendation。