"Strive to be a good pioneer in the new breakthrough three-year action of Liaoning's comprehensive revitalization (2023-2025)" policy interpretation



Release time: 2023/7/14

In order to earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee and strive to carry out the new breakthrough three-year action of comprehensive revitalization, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Transport issued the "Strive to be a Pioneer in the New Breakthrough three-year Action of Liaoning's comprehensive Revitalization (2023-2025)".。The Implementation Plan is mainly divided into three parts:

  The first part is the general requirements.Clear the guiding ideology,We have established five basic principles for upholding and strengthening the Party's overall leadership, upholding the people-centered development philosophy, upholding the systematic concept, deepening reform, and carrying forward the spirit of struggle,The overall objectives and main indicators of the relevant data of the three-year action are put forward, namely, winning the first battle in one year, breaking through the decisive battle in two years, and winning the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" in three years。

  The second part is the key tasks.The whole is divided into five new breakthroughs, and put forward 24 specific tasks。"Do everything possible to promote investment in projects,Make new breakthroughs in promoting and serving steady growth",It has laid the main tone of fully promoting projects under construction, preliminary work and planning new projects;"Implement the strong chain project of supplementing the network,Make new breakthroughs in promoting the construction and improvement of comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network",The objectives and tasks of highway, trunk road, railway, rural road, comprehensive hub, rail transit and highway water network safety in our province are clarified."Comprehensively enhance port hub capacity,Make new breakthroughs in the development of open services.,New requirements are put forward for port infrastructure, collection and distribution system, operation organization, green intelligent transformation and high-quality development system and mechanism of our province."We will comprehensively enhance the capacity of comprehensive transport services,Make new breakthroughs in the development of the service industry and mass travel.,Clearly promote the high-quality development of passenger transport, freight transport, multimodal transport, urban public transport and green, smart and safe transport in our province;"Comprehensively enhance service awareness and capabilities,Make new breakthroughs in serving market players.,It is clear that we should enhance the four capabilities of central and local cooperation services, Hui enterprises and strong enterprises, key materials and supplies, and government services。

  The third part is the safeguard measures.In order to comprehensively promote the new breakthrough three-year action of transportation in our province, it is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, improve the coordination mechanism, set up a special work class, establish a cross-departmental overall decision-making and linkage management system, and form a joint work force。At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the implementation of supervision and examination, implement the "weekly scheduling" mechanism for major projects, strengthen typical shaping, demonstration and guidance, increase the publicity and promotion of major achievements and outstanding results, and create a good atmosphere。

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