Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Transport, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, on the election campaign of "the most beautiful Bus Driver" in 2023



Release time: 2023/8/1

  Urban public transport is a social public welfare undertaking and a major livelihood project that provides basic travel services for the public。Giving priority to the development of public transport is an inevitable requirement to alleviate traffic congestion, change the development mode of urban transport, improve the quality of life of the people, and is a strategic choice to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society。In the process of public transport development, front-line workers such as bus drivers have made important contributions。In order to continue to deepen the reform of the construction of workers in the transport industry, encourage the whole industry to strive to promote the development of comprehensive transport services and improve the quality and efficiency, and provide strong support for accelerating the construction of a powerful transport country, the Ministry of Transport and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions decided to carry out the election campaign of "the most beautiful bus driver" in 2023。The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. General requirements

  以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻落实党的二十大精神,凝心聚力加快建设交通强国,推动城市公共交通高质量发展。Adhere to the grass-roots, in-depth practice, relying on the industry,Discover and publicize advanced characters and deeds of bus drivers,100 "Most beautiful Bus drivers" (including 90 urban tram drivers and 10 urban rail transit drivers),Better show and carry forward the excellent spirit of bus drivers,Enhance the sense of professional belonging and honor of bus drivers,We will promote the building of a well-qualified workforce。

2. Organization

The 2023 "Most Beautiful Bus Driver" selection campaign is sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions;The organizing committee of the event is composed of the Transport Service Department of the Ministry of Transport, the Policy Research Office of the Ministry of Transport, and the National Committee of China Seafarer Construction Union,Responsible for coordinating the organization and implementation of activities,The office of the Organizing committee is located in China Communications News Co., LTD。Transportation departments at all levels and trade unions should strengthen communication and close cooperation to jointly organize and carry out the election campaign of "the most beautiful bus driver" in 2023。

3. Selection criteria and scope

(1) The scope of selection。

National urban public tram, urban rail transit driver。

(2) Selection criteria。

Candidates shall meet the following conditions:

1.Resolutely support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love the motherland, love the people, love socialism, and consciously practice the core socialist values。

2.Abide by laws and regulations, strictly abide by traffic regulations and driving operation rules, no violations of laws and regulations, no driving responsibility accidents, no operating service violations, no responsible complaints and other records。

3.Civilized and polite, have a strong sense of service and responsibility, have a good sense of professional honor and passenger reputation, consciously maintain the image of the industry and the city。

4.Diligent in learning, good at creating, willing to contribute, in their own posts to be the first to compete for excellence, outstanding achievements, has a good social impact。

(3) Priority conditions。

1.Undertake emergency transportation support tasks, participate in public welfare activities and make outstanding contributions。

2.Get awards or honorary titles at the prefectural level or above。

3.Have outstanding deeds in driving jobs and other outstanding achievements recognized by the competent authorities of the industry。

4.Won the driving skills competition award, with technical invention and innovation。

5.Rewarded by local governments, enterprises or media reports, such as brave deeds, sacrifice oneself for others, recovery of money and other behaviors。

6.For a long time to fight in the grass-roots front line, with a typical learning and publicity deeds。

(4) Selection channels。

Local transport departments and trade union organizations should encourage local urban public trams and urban rail transit enterprises and drivers to actively participate in the election activities,The selected candidate materials shall be reviewed and summarized to the provincial transportation authorities,The provincial competent department of transportation and the Federation of trade unions of the province (autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government) shall submit the selection to the office of the Organizing committee。Each province (autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government) shall not elect more than 15 candidates in principle。China Road Transport Association and other industry associations shall actively organize local industry associations and relevant enterprises to carry out election activities, and carefully review the recommended candidate materials according to the selection criteria, and submit them to the office of the organizing committee of the event, and the selected candidates shall not exceed 20 in principle。At the same time, urban public tram enterprises and urban rail transit enterprises are encouraged to actively participate in the self-recommendation, and the qualified candidate materials are stamped with the official seal of the recommending unit, and directly submitted to the office of the organizing committee。

4. Activity arrangement

The election campaign will be conducted in three phases from July 2023 to November 2023。

(1) Selection and recommendation stage。

From July to August 2023, all localities will carry out selection according to the requirements of the notice, and determine preliminary candidates according to the criteria for selection and publicity。The registration steps are as follows:

1.Fill in the 2023 "Most Beautiful Bus Driver" Recommendation Form (see Attachment 1), and submit it to the office of the Organizing committee after the official seal is affixed by the recommending unit。

2.Scan the designated QR code to register, and fill in the referrer information as prompted (see Attachment 2)。

3.The electronic version of the referrer's advanced story materials and work photos will be sent to the designated email, and the relevant video materials will be provided as far as possible。Specific requirements are as follows:

(1) Story materials: the length is about 2000 words, and there are descriptive topics。

(2) Photos: jpg format, resolution of not less than 8 million pixels (3264×2448), mainly horizontal picture, must provide a recommended person face photo and 2-3 working photos, pictures need to provide text description。

(3) Video materials: Each recommended candidate provides about 5 minutes of video materials, which can well reflect the candidate's work position, living environment, and touching stories, requiring clear and stable pictures (no corner labels or subtitles in any form), good visual effects, and rich connotations。Video format must be in standard video format (MPEG/AVI/MP4/MOV), video ratio is 16:9, resolution is full HD (1920×1080)。

The above materials should be submitted before August 31, 2023。The organizing committee will organize field interviews during the same period,Explore the typical characters and deeds of recommended candidates in depth;Relying on "China Transportation" Weibo, Kuaishou,"Traffic release" Weibo, Tiktok, Kuaishou,"Transportation power" client and other platforms,Open "the most beautiful bus driver" column,Encourage all units, departments and netizens,Participate in the form of text, pictures and short videos,Carry out topics such as "Bus drivers around me" and "Looking for the most beautiful you",Let more people understand and pay attention to the life and work status of bus drivers in the new era;A regular stream of character stories,Find the "most beautiful Bus Drivers" everywhere,Encourage netizens to participate actively,Recommendation sharing。

(2) Publicity review stage。

September to October 2023,The organizing committee shall follow the selection criteria,Experts from inside and outside the industry are selected from referees,Top 100 "Most beautiful Bus Drivers",On the website of the Ministry of Transport, wechat public number,Workers Daily, Zhonggong network,On media platforms such as China Communications News, China Communications News official Weibo and wechat, and the "Transportation Power" client,Show the list of recommended candidates and related information to the public。After the publicity and exhibition period, the organizing committee of the event organized experts to evaluate, comprehensively considering the expert rating, online voting, media rating, integrity index and other factors, and selected the top ten "most beautiful bus drivers".。In the case of meeting the conditions, for particularly excellent candidates, priority as the "moving traffic Person of the Year" recommendation object。

(3) Publicity phase。

2023年11月,The Ministry of Transport and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions jointly approved the list of "the most beautiful bus drivers" in 2023 and the list of outstanding organizations for the selection of publicity activities,And organize the news media to interview and report on advanced people,Hold a series of publicity activities such as advanced deeds report meeting and tour report meeting,Publicize the advanced deeds of bus drivers in the whole industry。The "Most beautiful Bus Driver" works created and collected by various units and departments will be displayed and forwarded through platforms such as "China Transportation" Weibo, Kuaishou, "Traffic Release" Weibo, Tiktok, Kuaishou, and "Transportation Power" client to guide netizens to pay attention to the progress of the most beautiful bus driver activity。

5. Job requirements

(1) Attach great importance to and organize carefully。All relevant units should attach great importance to the "most beautiful bus driver" election campaign,Fully understand the important role of the selection and publicity activities in establishing a good image of the public transport industry, enhancing the soft power of the industry, and promoting the construction of a powerful transport country,Effectively strengthen organizational leadership,Appoint someone to take charge,Improve the working mechanism,To ensure the orderly conduct of election and publicity activities。

(2) Fair and open, strict investigation。The candidates recommended by the relevant units should have a reasonable structure and high social recognition。To carry out qualification review and strict inspection of the submitted objects, the recommended objects should solicit the opinions of the masses in their units, and carry out publicity in their units or regions for no less than 5 working days。

3. Extensive mobilization and in-depth excavation。All relevant units should take the election campaign as an important opportunity to publicize and display the good image of the public transport industry,Take advanced typical as the benchmark,Give full play to the propaganda and guidance role of newspapers, radio, Weibo, wechat, Internet and other platforms,We will do a good job in organizing, launching, electing and publicizing,Conduct activities such as preaching and sharing stories,Move the industry and society with the people and things around you,Gather powerful positive energy,To enhance the coverage and influence of election campaigns。

4. Making coordinated progress in accordance with the law and compliance。We should adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, objectivity and authenticity, strictly abide by the standards and procedures of the election, ensure the authority of the election activities, and enhance the communication, guidance, influence and credibility。It is necessary to organically combine the selection and publicity of the "most beautiful bus driver" in 2023 with the selection and publicity of typical figures in the relevant transportation industry, make overall arrangements, highlight key points, and ensure that the selection and publicity activities play an important role in promoting the healthy development of the industry standard and the construction of the industry team。

6. Contact information

Organizing Committee contact person and contact information:

Tian Shimo, Transport Service Department, Ministry of Transport, Tel: 010-65292754;

Sun Danni, Policy Research Office, Ministry of Transport, Tel: 010-65293243;

Wang Jingjing, Seafarers' Construction Union, ACFTU, Tel: 010-68591460;

Xinliang Yan and Huixin Wang, China Communications News, Tel: 010-64261073, Fax: 010-64252614。

The electronic version of recommended materials should be submitted to the E-mail address:;Address: China Communications News Office, 15th Floor, Block A, Wai Yun Building, No.5 Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, the Organizing Committee of 2023 "The Most beautiful Bus Driver" activity, postcode 100011, please indicate the recommended materials of 2023 "The most beautiful Bus Driver" activity。

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                   General Office of Ministry of Transport, All-China Federation of Trade Unions

                          July 21, 2023