Interpretation of the Notice on Accelerating the Transformation and Development of Automobile Passenger Stations



Release time: 2023/8/7

  近日,The General Office of the Ministry of Transport, together with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Health Commission, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the National Railway Administration, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the State Post Bureau, the National Railway Group and other 10 departments and units of the General Office (comprehensive department, office) issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Transformation and Development of Bus Passenger Stations" (handed over the operation (2023)forty-five,Hereinafter referred to as the Notice),In order to facilitate the relevant departments and units to better understand and effectively implement the work,The relevant contents of the Notice are interpreted as follows:

  First, the introduction of background

  Automobile passenger station (hereinafter referred to as passenger station) is an important infrastructure for providing road passenger transport services,It has the functions of passenger collection and distribution, ticket service, transportation organization and safety management,It undertakes public welfare services such as real-name management of passengers, security check and anti-terrorism prevention,For a long time, it has played an important role in ensuring public travel。In recent years, affected by factors such as changes in public travel habits and optimization and upgrading of passenger service structure, passenger flow in passenger stations has declined significantly, facility utilization efficiency has decreased significantly, structural contradictions in passenger station service supply have become prominent, and the demand for transformation and development has become increasingly urgent, and policy documents for promoting transformation and development are urgently needed。In order to accelerate the transformation and development of passenger stations and ensure the healthy and orderly development of the road passenger transport industry, the Notice was formulated and issued to clarify the relevant work requirements。The introduction of the "Notice" is of great significance for promoting the transformation and development of passenger stations, accelerating the construction of a networked, convenient and diversified passenger station service system, and better meeting the needs of the people for better travel。

  Ii. Main contents

  The Notice puts forward six tasks:

  First, we will scientifically optimize the layout and structure。In accordance with the principle of suitable stations for stations and suitable points for points, optimize the spatial layout, hierarchical structure and functions of passenger stations, transform from large stations to multi-point series, support passenger stations to set up stopping points in universities, supermarkets, hospitals and other passenger flow centers, and set up passenger vehicle loading and unloading areas in airports and railway stations。

  Second, we will properly adjust the size of stock。Optimize and adjust the size of passenger station stock in a steady and orderly manner, optimize the division of functional areas in accordance with the principle of reasonable application and emergency preparedness, improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce operating costs, and support passenger station standardized operation of docking points。  

  The third is to expand the service functions of the station and yard。Support the construction of charging facilities in passenger stations, expand freight logistics, postal express services, as well as the first and last bus stations, parking and safety parks and other functions, configure taxi parking and storage yards, shared transportation parking points, expand car rental, motor vehicle training and other services。

  Fourth, we will expand tourism business services。Support the establishment of tourist distribution centers in passenger terminals, improve the through-train network to tourist destinations, and encourage the development of e-commerce sales, hotel accommodation, car aftermarket services。

  Fifth, we will strengthen the comprehensive development of land。We will support the comprehensive development of passenger terminals under the premise of complying with the territorial spatial planning and retaining the basic passenger service function。It is clear that the passenger station uses the stock of real estate and land resources to develop the industry and industry supported by the industrial land policy, and the transitional support policy that does not change the main body of the land and the planning conditions within a certain period of time is applicable。The passenger station that obtains land by means of allocation expands its service function within the scope of the Allocated Land Catalog,It may go through the formalities for changing the land use according to law;The passenger station expands its service functions outside the scope of the Allocated Land List,We will encourage an appropriate increase in floor area ratio and a certain proportion of commercial facilities in accordance with the law,And pay the corresponding land transfer price。We will support the implementation of comprehensive three-dimensional development of above-ground and underground space。

  Sixth, we need to foster a sound environment for development。Actively strive for the support of the territorial government, for the passenger station to bear public welfare services and other expenditures。We will support the transfer of surplus station staff to new jobs。

  3. Job requirements

The "Notice" requires that the provincial transport departments should work with the relevant departments and units to combine the local reality, refine and clarify the tasks and measures to promote the transformation and development of passenger stations, and accelerate the implementation。

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